Important information related to the Colloquium course

According to the curriculum, research students (master’s and Ph.D.) must register for Colloquium every academic year during their degree studies.

The Colloquium is a mandatory course. You will not be eligible to receive your degree unless you register for this course each year and receive a "passing" grade in each of those years.

Master's degree - a course worth 2 credits during two years of study (1 credit/year).
PhD degree - a course worth 4 credits during four years of study. (1 credit/year)


  1. A student on maternity leave must register for the Colloquium. You can miss the colloquium meetings during the maternity leave, provided you coordinate with the course coordinator and receive appropriate approvals.
  2. A student who is registered for the course but is absent beyond the approved absences is required to make up for the missed hours in the following ways:
    * Participation in lectures by a guest lecturer in the Chemistry Department.
    * Participation in the Colloquium in the Physics or Life Sciences Departments.

In those cases, the student must send the full lecture details (title of the lecture, lecturer name, department, and date) to the Colloquium coordinator, and get his approval.