Requirements for Ph.D

Courses requirements for Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry - track 84601


All the Ph.D. students are required to attain a total of 16 credits according to the details below:

5 credits - Elective courses in the Chemistry department or other departments (with the approval of a supervisor and departmental teaching committee).

1 credit - Compulsory course – course code 84833 in Scientific writing and editing articles in English during the second year. *

6 credits - 3 seminar courses: 2 literature seminars (1 per year) + 1 seminar presenting a research paper in the third or the last year.

4 credits - mandatory attendance at the departmental colloquium for all years of study (1 credit each year - a total of 4 credits.

*Please note that an English course from the English Department appears on the course registration website (In-Bar system). You do not need to register for this English course. Please do NOT confuse this course with the Scientific Writing in English course. During your second year of Ph.D. studies, please make sure to register and attend the course 84833 (in Scientific writing in English). It is a compulsory course organized by the Chemistry Department. This course's score and reinforcement classes are 1 credit. 

Important: Every year, you must register for PhD thesis code 84999. It is compulsory to register for this. It is not officially a course requiring you to attend any classes, but it indicates that you are a PhD student. If you don't register for this every year during your PhD track, the system will not recognize you as a PhD student.     

How to register for courses from other departments (not from the Chemistry Department): 
Email the department your full details: name and passport number, details of the course you wish to register for, and the supervisor's approval. After receiving permission from the academic advisor, contact the department where the course will be taught to register.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he is registered for all academic requirements, including Judaism courses/general courses, per the university's guidelines.