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Name:                                     Aharon Gedanken

Date of Birth:                                    December 24, 1940

Marital Status:                       Married

No. of children:                     2

Address:                                 29 Nitzana Street

                                                Givatayim, Israel 53465

Phone: Home:                        (03) 7313036

            Office:                                    (03) 5318315

Country of Citizenship:        Israel


1959-1961:      Military Service

1962-1965:      B.Sc. (Magna Cum Laude), Bar-Ilan University

1966-1967:      M.Sc., Bar-Ilan University

1968-1972:      Ph.D. thesis at Department of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University: "Electronic Excitation of Impurity States in Solid Rare Gases (under supervision of Prof. J. Jortner). This research was awarded the Landau Prize for Scientific Research.

1973-1974:      University of Southern California. Research Associate with Prof. Otto Schnepp. Work on CD and MCD in the VUV.

1975-1977:      Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University.

1978-1981:      Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University.

1979     :          Visiting Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

1980-1981:      Sabbatical leave at Bell Laboratories, Murray-Hill, N.J. (Counsellor and Visiting Scientist).

1982-1985:      Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University.

1982-1988:      Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University.

1983     :          Summer Visiting Professor, Physikalische Institute Bonn University, Germany (Minerva Fellowship).

1984     :          Summer Visiting Scientist, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray-Hill, N.J.

1985     :          Visiting Scientist, Hasylab Desy, Hamburg, W. Germany.

1986     :          Visiting Scientist, Bessy, Berlin, W. Germany.

1987-1988:      Sabbatical leave, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray-Hill, N.J.

1988-present:             Professor of Chemistry.

1989-1991:      Summer Visiting Scientist, NIDDK, NIH. Bethesda, Md., USA.

1991-present:  Board of Directors: Gilad Pension Fund.

1991-1998:      Head, The National Committee for Chemistry in Education

1992    :           Visiting Scientist, NIDDK, NIH.

1993-2005    :  From January, 1993, Gilad Pension Fund - Investment Committee.

1993-1995:      Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

1999-2001:     Chairman, National committee for strategic studies in Advanced Materials and Chemical Technologies

  1.             Chairman, Board of Directors Ashkelon College.
  2.             Board of Directors of Orot Israel College
  3.            Board of Directors of Beit Berl College

2002-              Editorial Advisory Board of Ultrasonics-Sonochemistry Published by   Elsevier Science

2002-               Short sabbatical at City University of Hong Kong

2004-2005       Member of a national committee on “A National Program for the   Isreali Chemical Industry”

2007-              Editor for Nanotechnology, Central European Journal of Chemistry

20072014             Member of the Editorial Board of The Open Acoustics Journal.

20082015            Editorial Advisory Board of The Open Catalysis Journal

2008-  2010          Editorial Board of International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and   Materials Science

2009-              Awarded the prize for excellence in research by the Israel Vacuum Society.

2009- 2013             Israeli Representative to the NMP (Nanotechnology, Materials, Processes) committee of the EC (European Community)

2009-              Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, since October 2009.

2010-  2012        Editorial Advisory board of ACS applied Materials and Interfaces.

2012- 2015         Visiting Chair Professor at the Department of Materials Science & Eng. NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan

2012-            Editorial Board of The Scientific World Journal  

2012-  2017     Visiting Professor at RCPTM, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic.

2012-            Editorial Board of "Nanomaterials & Molecualar Nanotechnology"  

2012-2017   Editorial Board of Dataset Papers in Science

2013.            Editorial Board of "Conference Papers in Chemistry"

2012             Israel Chemical Society Prize of Excellence awarded in Feb. 2013 

2014-             Editorial Board of J. Mater. Chem. B

2014             The SONO project coordinated by Gedanken in FP7 declared a “Success Story”

2017-            Editorial Board of Applied Sciences

2017-          President, Givat Washington Teachers college

The list of publication of Gedanken includes 832 papers in per-reviewed journals and 40 Patent Applications H-index:90


Gedanken's Patents


1. "Electronic Gas Discharge Lamp", A. Gedanken, B. Raz, J. Jortner and A. Szצke, U.S. Patent 3,778,661 (1974)

2.   "Laser Driven Production of Metal Atoms and Ions", G. Fisanick, A. Gedanken and M.B. Robin. Applied for U.S. Patent.

3.      "Candles Burning with Colored Flames", I. Barnes and A. Gedanken.  Applied for an Israeli Patent March 1986.

4.   "Lighting Oils", A. Gedanken and I. Barness. Applied for Patent (Appl. No. 80145) Sept. 1986.

5. "Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds", S. Hoz and A. Gedanken (Patent Appl. Israel & US, March 1995, PCT/US/96/02811).

6. "Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons", A. Gedanken and S. Chandrasekaran. 4500/US /97 (US Patent Pending).

7.  "Silicon Nanoclusters and a Method for Producing Same", N. Arul Dhas and A. Gedanken. (US patent, P-1340-USP, pending).

8. "Coating of Silver Nanoparticles onto Nylon by a Sonochemical Method and Making the Antimicrobial Active Yarns Thereof Application No 60/715,60, 6/9/05

9. "Nanosized Chalcogenides"  US Prov. 60/474,629   02/06/2003

10. "Nanoscale air-stable Metal Particles" USA 09/905,495  16/07/2001

11. "Nanosized a-Nickel Hydroxide" US Prov. 60/261,193; 16/01/2001

12. "Carbon Nanotubes w.Cobalt Nanowire in the center" US Prov. 60/261,193; 16/01/2001

 13. " Silicon Nanaoclusters" 60/261,193; 16/01/2001

14. "Rare Earth Doped Opt. Fibre" Europe 01978809.0 ; 22/10/2001

15. "Rare Earth Doped Opt. Fibre" PCT IN01/00184 ; 22/10/2001

16. a)  "Rare Earth Doped Opt. Fibre" USA 09/982,946 ; 22/10/2001

16b) Sen, Ranjan; Chatterjee, Minati; Naskar, Milan Kanti; Pal, Mrinmay; Paul, Mukul Chandra; Bhadra, Shyamal Kumar; Dasgupta, Kamal; Ganguli, Dibyendu; Bandyopadhyay, Tarun; Gedanken, Aharon.   Method for manufacturing of rare earth-doped optical fiber.    U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ.  (2004),     13 pp.  CODEN: USXXCO  US  2004187524  A1  20040930  CAN 141:318411  AN 2004:803776    CAPLUS

17. "Silicon Carbide Nanopart." USA Prov. 60/555,669 ; 24/03/2004

18.  "Silicon Carbide Nanopart." USA Prov. ; 60/667,775 ; 04/04/2005

19. "Tungsten & Silicon Carbides Nanorods" 03/08/2005

20. MICRON SIZED CARBON SPHERICAL PARTICLES filed May 16, 2007No. and application number 60/924,460.  20070423001-1-01

21. Gedanken, Aharon; Tel-Or, Elisha; Chefetz, Benny; Elmeshaly, Smadar.   Method of removal of heavy metal ions from water.    PCT Int. Appl.  (2007),     CODEN: PIXXD2  WO  2007083304  A2  20070726  AN 2007:817363


23. Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Actions of Nanosized Magnesium Fluoride Nanoparticles  (Banin) US Prov. Re-filed 29-Jan-2009                     PCT due Jan 2010   
Inventors: Ehud Banin, Aharon Gedanken, Jonathan Lellouche
Application No. 61/202,115
24.Pharmaceutical Compositions Comprising Water-Soluble Sulfonate- Protected Nanoparticles and Uses Thereof   By Sarid, Ronit; Gedanken, Aharon; Baram-Pinto, Dana

From U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2012), US 20120027809 A1 20120202. Antiviral pharmaceuticals comprising water-soluble sulfonate-protected nanoparticles Full Text

  • By Sarid, Ronit; Gedanken, Aharon; Baram-Pinto, Dana
  • From U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2012), US 20120027809 A1 20120202.|          

25. Sonochemical coating of textiles with of Metal Oxides (Zno, MgO, CuO) Nanoparticles for producing an Antimicrobial Fabrics     Provisional filed 30-Jun-2008                PCT due Jun 2009,

Gedanken, Aharon; Nitzan, Yeshayahu; Perelshtein, Ilana; Perkas, Nina; Applerot, Guy.   Sonochemical coating of textiles with metal oxide nanoparticles for antimicrobial fabrics.    PCT Int. Appl.  (2010),     20pp. 

26. Plasma Reduction of Metallic Ions in Solvents (Klein, Genish)  Provisional filed 22-Jan-2009                    PCT due Jan 2010

27. "Attaching Proteinaceous Microspheres to a Variety of Fabrics Using Ultrasound Radiation" Full Text By Gedanken, Aharon; Shimanovich, Ulyana; Perelshtein, Ilana  U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2011), US 20110300767 A1 20111208.

28. "Sonochemical formation of RNA Microspheres"filed August 31, 2009.

29. " Plasma Reduction of Metallic Ions in Solvents  (Lior Klein) Provisional                                                                                                                                                            

30. Coating Artificial Nails with Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Producing Antimicrobial Nails (Lubart)                       

31. Insertion of Ionic Materials into Polymers and Glasses using their Aqueous                               Solution by Ultrasonic waves US Provisional 20/01/2011.

32. Accelerating the Fermentation of Glucose using a Sonochemical Process with the Aid of Yeast

       US Provisional 21/03/2011.

33. Antibiofilm Surface Functionalization of Catheters  US Provisional  29/06/2011.

34. Decomposition of cellulose under microwave irradiation US Provisional 11/10/2011.

35. A synergetic effect in killing microorganisms using sonochemically deposited nanoparticales of CUZNO

36. Converting CO2 into a Commercially Important Chemical Attaching proteinaceous microspheres to a variety of fabrics using ultrasound radiation Full Text By Gedanken, Aharon; Shimanovich, Ulyana; Perelshtein, Ilana

From U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2011), US 20110300767 A1 20111208.


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