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2010-2013  Post-Doctoral Fellow at New York University, Dept. of Physics, Center for Soft Matter Research.

“Material design, characterization and manipulation for soft matter advanced research”

Advisor: Prof. David G. Grier

2005-2010  Ph.D. at the Weizmann Inst. of Science, Dept. of Materials & Interfaces.

"Electronic transport across molecular monolayers and the importance of the electrical contacts"

Advisor: Prof. David Cahen  

2001-2003  M.Sc. in Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University [cum laude].

"Beam propagation in a four level double-Lambda system"

 Advisor: Prof. Arlene Wilson-Gordon

1999–2005  R&D researcher and group head in an elite technological unit at Israel Defense Forces. Developed new technological procedures by combining a variety of techniques in the fields of chemistry, physics and chemical/material engineering. Specialized in optical compatibility, adhesives, paints, rubber compounds, etching and degradation processes.

Captain by rank - functioning as Major

1996-1999  B.Sc. in Chemistry and Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University [cum laude].


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Our lab aims at researching novel ways of creating new micro/nano-scopic structures and understanding how these structures could be further manipulated. We intended to get better understanding of the underlying scientific principles that govern these processes while developing these techniques for envisioned useful applications.   


  • Influencing polymerization & phase separation processes with Holographic Optical Tweezers
  • Developing bubble based acousto-driven micro-particles
  • Advancing light controlled microfluidics
  • Creating position sensitive micro structures




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See Profile at Google Scholar for updated list of publications.

*     E. Greenberg, N. Armon, H. Shpaisman, "3-D PHOTO-THERMAL LASER PRINTING OF METALS AND METAL COMPOSITES" (Provisional appl. no.: 62/733,713, 2018)

*     H. Sazan, S. Piperno, H. Shpaisman, "Method for directed fabrication of materials using acoustic waves" (Provisional appl. no.: 62/522,730, 2017)

*     H. Shpaisman, B. J. Krishnatreya, D. G. Grier; "Holographic Microrefractometer"  (U.S patent #WO/2013/126554)

*      C. Weng, H. Shpaisman, A. Hollingsworth, D. G. Grier; “In-Line Particle Characterization” (U.S patent pending)

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