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The Nessim Lab:

Laboratory for the synthesis of innovative nanostructures        


Carbon nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, and graphene are prime candidates of new battery and supercapacitor elements that can massively improve battery efficiency for energy conversion and storage. Such devices have the potential to provide extremely high surface per unit volume of catalytically active sites, making a three to fivefold improvement in energy density possible.

Despite attempts to combine carbon nanostructures with active electrode materials, the mechanisms of carbon nanostructure growth are still not fully explained, and critical issues remain: 1) energy density is far below the theoretical level, 2) cyclability is limited, and 3) most synthesis techniques work in the lab but are impractical for industrial production.

The goal of the Nessim lab is to study the scientific mechanisms of the synthesis of nanostructures and to develop relevant industrial applications, with a prime emphasis on energy devices (batteries and supercapacitors). The group currently comprises two postdocs, two PhD candidates, a Masters student, and two visiting summer students. Additionally, the group collaborates with researchers in BIU (e.g., Aurbach and Lellouche groups) and with researchers in the USA (MIT, U.Michigan, Vanderbilt) and Europe (ETH).

We plan to study in-situ, simultaneous synthesis and functionalization of carbon nanostructures primarily by chemical vapor deposition. Because this way the growth of the carbon nanostructures and their functionalization with active electrode material will happen at the same time, the method has the potential to synthesise ultra-dense composite structures, maximizing energy density while maintaining structural integrity and high cyclability. These studies will uncover many scientific aspects of carbon nanostructure nucleation, growth, and functionalization. Multiple material combinations corresponding to selected battery and supercapacitor chemistries will be synthesized and electrochemically tested. Customized, industrially-scalable plasma-enhanced CVD synthesis equipment will be used to synthesize the electrodes.

The learning of mechanisms and factors affecting simultaneous carbon nanostructure growth and functionalization is critical for nanotechnology. Success in this research will allow the development of ultra-high energy density batteries and supercapacitors that will make the electric car a manufacturing reality with great consequences to the environment and society.





G.D. Nessim, provisional patent submitted in June 2012 (Bar Ilan University)

Synthesis of highly conductive metal-CNT (carbon nanotube) wire


קבוצת מחקר


Dr. Eti Teblum, lab manager, since 6/2010
Pola Schriber, Ph.D candidate, since 9/2015
Tarik Aziz, Ph.D candidate, since 3/2017
Jonathan Richter, Toar Rishon, visiting student since 7/2018
Dr. Arka Saha, postdoc since 8/2018 (shared with Dr. M. Noked)
Rajashree Konar, Ph.D candidate, since 10/2018 (visiting student summer 2018)
Madina Telkhozhayeva, Ph.D candidate, since 10/2018
Carlo Uccellatore, visiting student since 12/2018
Dr. Baruch Hirsch, Ph.D candidate since 1/2019 (collaboration with Prof. D. Aurbach)
Maor Moussaief, pre-B.Sc since 1/2019
Dr. Suparna Das, postdoc, to join in March 2019
Michelle Kadashev, visiting student from Yeshiva University, Feb-May 2019

Visiting students:

Alain Reiser – MSc candidate, ETH Zurich (collaboration with Prof. Spolenak), summer 2012

Shoshi Bernstein – BSc candidate, University of Maryland, summer 2012


Former members

Dr. Eti Teblum – postdoc, lab manager

Dr. Rajakumar Krishnan – postdoc, graphene (shared with Prof. J.P. Lellouche)

Yana Miroshnikov – PhD candidate, graphene

Merav Muallem – PhD candidate, nanostructures

Efrat Shawat – MSc candidate, synthesis of carbon nanostructures

Miriam Somekh – MSc candidate, to join in September 2012

Past visiting students

Andre Rothlinsberger – MSc candidate, ETH Zurich (collaboration with Prof. Spolenak), summer 2011 (completed MSc thesis in our lab)

Ortal Karavian – BSc candidate, BIU, summer 2011


ד"ר אתי טייבלום, מנהלת המעבדה, מאז 6/2010
פולה שרייבר, מועמדת דוקטורט, מאז 2015\9 טאריק עזיז, מועמד לתואר שלישי, מאז 3/2017
יונתן ריכטר, טואר ראשון, תלמיד אורח מאז 7/2018
ד"ר ארקא סאה, פוסט-דוקטורט מאז 8/2018 (משותף עם ד"ר מלאכי נוקד)
קונר רג'יסטרי, מועמדת ל-Ph.D, מאז 10/2018 (ביקור סטודנטים בקיץ 2018)
מדינה טלוקוזייבה, מועמדת Ph.D, מאז 10/2018
קרלו אצ'לטור, סטודנט אורח מאז 12/2018
ד"ר ברוך הירש, מועמד לדוקטורט מאז 1/2019 (בשיתוף עם פרופ' ד' אורבך) 
מאור מוסאייף, מאז 1/2019
ד"ר סופרנה דאס, פוסט-דוקטור, מצטרפת ב- 3/2019  
מישל קדאשב, תלמידת ישיבה מאוניברסיטת  ישיבה  מצטרפת החל מפברואר ועד מאי 2019

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