Associate professor

Prof. Daniel Nessim

Associate professor
Bldg. 206, Room A608. Laboratory Phone: 03-5314539


1/2018 - present       Associate professor (with tenure)

10/2014 - 12/2017    Senior lecturer (with tenure)

10/2010 – 1/2015     Lecturer



Post-doc     MIT / Bar Ilan University (Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced materials)                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                           Cambridge, MA and Ramat Gan, Israel

                    Collaborative post-doc with Professors C.V. Thompson (MIT) and D. Aurbach (BIU)
                    Visiting scientist in the electrochemistry group of Professor Doron Aurbach (summer 2009)
                    Focus on integrating carbon nanotubes into batteries and supercapacitors (MITEI grant)


Ph.D           Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  

Cambridge, MA

               PhD, Materials Science & Engineering (electronic, photonic, and magnetic materials), 2009
               Advisor: Professor Carl V. Thompson
               Thesis: carbon nanotube (CNT) synthesis for integrated circuit interconnects                                 
GPA 4.9/5.0;       Intel Fellowship (2006-2008)
               Supervised nine graduate students (MIT and international) and three MIT undergraduate students
               Research involved multiple collaborations and led to the development of new insights on:

  •  Growth of crystalline, vertically-aligned CNTs on conductive substrates below 500ºC
  •  Role of gas preheating to lower CNT growth temperature
  •  Control of CNT diameter and density via hydrogen-timed coarsening of catalyst layer
  •  Role of underlayer grains in catalyst film dewetting and CNT growth
  •  Electrical properties of multi-wall carbon nanotubes


MBA           INSEAD                                                                                 Fontainebleau, France

               Master of Business Administration, 1994; Giovanni Agnelli scholarship


Pre-Ph.D    Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)                                     Paris, France

Opto-electronic Engineering (D.E.A. – Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies), 1990-91,
with distinction


M.Sc           Ecole Centrale Paris                                                                            Paris, France

               Master’s of Science, 1989-91, with distinction; Erasmus (European Community) scholarship
               First Italian to earn MSEE from Italy and France within the T.I.M.E. program (Top Industrial Managers for Europe)


M.Sc           Politecnico di Milano                                                                           Milan, Italy

               Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1984-89, thesis passed in 1993,
               summa cum laude (top 0.5%)



The Nessim laboratory at Bar Ilan University (Israel) focuses on the synthesis of 1D and 2D nanostructures using state-of-the-art chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment. The scientific focus is to better understand the complex growth mechanisms of these nanostructures, to possibly functionalize them to tune their properties, and to integrate them into innovative devices.

We extensively collaborate with other groups in BIU, with other universities in Israel, with many groups in Italy (Politecnico di Milano, Sant'Anna di Pisa, U. Verona, U. Bergamo, Ca Foscari, etc.), and in the USA (Prof. Cary Pint, Vanderbilt) to do advanced characterizations of our nanomaterials and to integrate them into functional devices for electronic, mechanic, and energy applications.



  1. R. Shapira, G.D. Nessim, T. Zimrin, and D. Aurbach*. Towards promising electrochemical technology for load leveling applications: extending cycle life of lead acid batteries by the use of carbon nano-tubes, Energy & Environmental Science, submitted
  2. E. Teblum, Y. Gofer†, C.L. Pint, and G.D. Nessim*. The role of catalyst oxidation state in the synthesis of tall carpets of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, under review
  3. G.D. Nessim*, A. Al-Obeidi, H. Grisaru, E.S. Polsen,
C.R. Oliver, T. Zimrin, A.J. Hart, D. Aurbach, and C.V. Thompson. Synthesis of tall carpets of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes by in situ generation of water vapor through preheating
of added oxygen, Carbon, P. 4002–4009, Vol. 50, April 2012
  4. G. Gershinsky, H. Ortal, G. Salitra, J. Grinblat, E. Levi, G.D. Nessim, E. Zinigrad, and D. Aurbach*. Ultra fast elemental synthesis of high yield copper Chevrel phase with high electrochemical performance, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, P. 50-58, Vol. 188, April 2012
  5. G.D. Nessim*, M. Seita, D.L. Plata, K.P. O’Brien, A.J. Hart, C.M. Reddy, P.M. Gschwend, and C.V. Thompson. The critical effect of feedstock thermal treatment on the crystallinity of carbon nanotubes grown at low substrate temperature, Carbon, P. 804-810, Vol. 49, Issue 3, March 2011
  6. N.D.R. Leifer, M. Noked, G.D. Nessim, D. Aurbach*. Straightforward Method for the Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Suspensions, Carbon, P. 1042-1047, Vol. 49, Issue 3, March 2011
  7. G.D. Nessim*, M. Seita, K.P. O’Brien, S.A. Speakman. Dual formation of carpets of large carbon nanofibers and thin crystalline carbon nanotubes from the same catalyst-underlayer system, Carbon, P.4519-4526, Vol. 48, Issue 15, December 2010
  8. G.D. Nessim*. Carbon nanotube synthesis with special focus on thermal chemical vapor deposition, Nanoscale, Invited review paper, P.1306-23, Vol. 2, Issue 8, March 2010
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  10. G.D. Nessim, M. Seita, K.P. O’Brien, A.J. Hart, R.K. Bonaparte, R.R. Mitchell, and C.V. Thompson*. Low Temperature Synthesis of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes with Ohmic Contact to Metallic Substrates Enabled by Thermal Decomposition of the Carbon Feedstock, Nano Letters, P.3398-3405, Vol. 9, No.10, October 2009
  11. G.D. Nessim, A.J. Hart, J.S. Kim, D. Acquaviva, J. Oh, C.D. Morgan, M. Seita, J.S. Leib, and C.V. Thompson*. Tuning of vertically-aligned carbon nanotube diameter and areal density through catalyst pre-treatment. Nano Letters, P. 3587–3593, Vol. 8, No.11, November 2008




  1. G.D. Nessim, M. Seita
    The role of cobalt in carbon nanotubes synthesis, communication for the edited and peer-reviewed collection: “Cobalt: Characteristics, Compounds, and Applications”, Editor: Lucas J. Vidmar, P. 203-213, NOVA publishers, September 2011
  2. G.D. Nessim
    Carbon Nanotubes for chip interconnection, peer-reviewed article for the 2012 edition of the Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, Editor: Bharat Bhushnan, Springer, August 2012
  3. G.D. Nessim , C. Pint, A.J. Hart – book (invited)

(invited by Springer after viewing Nanoscale review; content proposal submitted by G.D. Nessim was peer-reviewed and accepted in September 2010; C. Pint and A.J. Hart were added in March 2011)
Carbon nanotube synthesis and growth mechanisms: from the Lab to the Manufacturing Plant, Springer, (currently on hold)




Kinetics of Materials 1 (diffusion): 2011- 2013, 2014 - 2019 

Kinetics of Materials 2 (phase transformations): 2012 - 2019

Invention: 2014, 2016, 2018

Seminarion (materials); 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015





1. G.D. Nessim, A. Itzhak, and E. Teblum (submitted provisional patent)

High yield synthesis of 2D monolayers of p-type copper sulfide using thermal annealing of bulk copper and sulfur gas


2.     G.D. Nessim and E. Shawat, provisional patent submitted on 16 July 2014 (Bar Ilan University)
Ultra high-yield one-step synthesis of conductive, and superhydrophobic three-dimensional mats of carbon nanofibers via full catalysis of unconstrained thin film

3. G.D. Nessim, provisional patent submitted in June 2012 (Bar Ilan University)
Synthesis of highly conductive metal-CNT (carbon nanotube) wire

Research Group


Dr. Eti Teblum, lab manager, since 6/2010

Pola Schriber, Ph.D candidate, since 9/2015

Tarik Aziz, Ph.D candidate, since 3/2017

Jonathan Richter, Toar Rishon, visiting student since 7/2018

Dr. Arka Saha, postdoc since 8/2018 (shared with Dr. M. Noked)

Rajashree Konar, Ph.D candidate, since 10/2018 (visiting student summer 2018)

Madina Telkhozhayeva, Ph.D candidate, since 10/2018

Dr. Baruch Hirsch, Ph.D candidate since 1/2019 (collaboration with Prof. D. Aurbach)



Dr. Haviv Grisaru, postdoc, lab manager, 2/2011 – 11/2011

Raj Krishnan, postdoc, 3/2012 – 10/2012 (co-supervised with Prof. Lellouche)

Ilan Oussadon, M.Sc. candidate, 10/2011 – 3/2012

Alex Tangy, Ph.D. candidate, 10/2011 – 3/2012

Asaf Cohen, M.Sc. candidate, since 9/2013 – 3/2014 (co-supervised with Dr. Alex Schechter (Ariel))

Yana Simony, Ph.D. candidate, 12/2012 – 5/2014 (co-supervised with Dr. Zitoun)

Miriam Somekh, M.Sc. 2014

Dr. Revital Balter, postdoc, 9/2014 – 8/2015

Reut Yemini, M.Sc. 2017

Merav Muallem, Ph.D. 2017, (co-supervised with Dr. Tischler)

Dr. Subodh Kumar, postdoc, 8/2015 – 8/2107

Anat Itzhak, M.Sc, 2015 – 2017

Tali Sharabani, M.Sc, 2015 – 2017

Yulia Kostikov, M.Sc., 9/2016 – 10/2018

Efrat Shawat Avraham, M.Sc. & Ph.D, 3/2011 – 12/2018

Muallem Merav

Shawat Avraham Efrat

Yemini Reut

Itzhak Anat

Kostikov Yulia



Ortal Kravian, visting B.Sc. summer student from BIU, 6/2011 – 9/2011

André Röthlisberger, visiting M.Sc. summer student from ETH Zurich, 30/6/2011 – 30/9/2011

Nathan Monroe, MIT (MISTI) visiting student summer 2011 (co-supervised with Dr. Tischler)

Alain Reiser, visiting M.Sc. summer student from ETH Zurich, 30/6/2012 – 1/9/2012

Jelimo Maswan, MIT (MISTI) visiting student summer 2012 (co-supervised with Dr. Tischler)

Shoshy Bernstein, visiting B.Sc. summer student, 1/6/2012 – 1/9/2012

Levi Rybalov, visiting student (pre-B.Sc.), 1/2/2013 – 25/6/2013

Joanna Chen, MIT (MISTI) visiting student summer 2013 (co-supervised with Dr. Tischler)

Andrew Westover (Vanderbilt), visiting student summer 2016 (student of Prof. Cary L. Pint)

Arun Kumar (University of Verona), visiting student summer 2017 (student of Prof. Gino Mariotto)

Sasha Ohayon, visiting student (pre-B.Sc.), 2/2018 – 8/2018 

Yana Zubarev, B.Sc. summer visiting student from Clark University 2018

Phillip Nagler, B.Sc. summer visiting student from Yeshiva University 2018

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