Chemistry and Life, Life and Chemistry. As the pivotal science describing atoms and the nature of matter, Chemistry provides an indispensable molecular understanding of the biological processes that underlie the miracle of life. The ChemLife Center @ BIU is a multi-group research force jointly harnessing our expertise in the various fields of chemistry for innovative and translational research that will impact future human health and well-being. We will realize this goal through fruitful collaborations between our PIs and with academic and industrial partners while highlighting our own cutting-edge abilities in chemical analysis, fabrication, synthesis, spectroscopy, and computation.

We have assembled workgroups focused upon three research domains:

  • MedTech, including diagnostics, drug delivery, vaccines, biomaterials, and nanomedicine
  • Agro/FoodTech, including sustainable crop protection agents, food preservation and safety, food additives, and nutrient enhancement
  • Therapeutics, including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory bioagents, therapies for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, and AI-based drug design

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Head of ChemLife center

 Picture of Prof. Sharon Ruthstein

Prof. Sharon Ruthstein




Pictures of Prof. Amnon Albeck

Prof. Amnon Albeck


Picture of Dr. Hannah-Noa Barad

Dr. Hannah-Noa Barad


Picture of Prof. Gerardo Byk

Prof. Gerardo Byk


Pictures of Prof. Jordan Chill

Prof. Jordan Chill


Picture of Prof. Bilha Fischer

Prof. Bilha Fischer


Pictures of Dr. Eyal Golub

Dr. Eyal Golub



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Prof. Gil Goobes



Picture of Prof. Arie-Lev Gruzman

Prof. Arie-Lev Gruzman

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Picture of Prof. Dan Thomas Major

Prof. Dan Thomas Major


Picture of Prof. Abraham Nudelman

Prof. Abraham Nudelman


Picture of Prof. Shai Rahimipour

Prof. Shai Rahimipour


Picture of prof. Adi Salomon

Prof. Adi Salomon


Picture of Dr. Liel Sapir

Dr. Liel Sapir


Picture of Prof. Hanoch Senderowitz

Prof. Hanoch Senderowitz


Picture of Prof. Hagay Shpaisman

Prof. Hagay Shpaisman


Picture of Prof. Yaakov Tischler

Prof. Yaakov Tischler




Administrative coordinator

Picture of Dr. Tamar Tennenbaum

Dr. Tamar Tennenbaum