Associate Professor

Prof. Arie-Lev Gruzman

Associate Professor
Bldg. 211, Room 411, Laboratory Phone: 03-7384596, 4596
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    1. Spectroscopy and structural determination 84-237
    2. Pharmacology and metabolism of drugs 84-366
    3. Advanced organic chemistry laboratory practice for 3rd year B.Sc. students 84-305
    4. Chemistry and koshrut ( for M. Sc. students),  77-992
    5. Molecular pharmacology as a basis for the drug development (for M. Sc. and PhD students),  84-845
    1. Lingappa, V.; Liu, J.; Gruzman, A. (2006). Biomarkers for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. US patent application 60/061,632.
    2. Sasson, S.; Cerasi, E.; Gruzman, A.; Katzhendler, (2010). Development of novel anti-hyperglycemic drugs. US granted patent 7,812,142
    3. Sasson, S.; Cerasi, E.; Gruzman, A,; Meltzer-Matz, E. (2011). Unated States patent regestration PCT61/513,802. Ethoxybenzo-thiazol derivatives as a basis for developmnet of novel oral antidiabetic drugs.
    4. Getter T.; Zaks I.; Green O.; Offen D.; Gruzman A. (2015). Intracellular targeted chemical chaperones and uses thereof in the treatment of diseases. Application number: 62109644.
    Research Group

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    Former students:

    Omer Green (MD student, Italy)

    Dr. Neta Uritsky (Prof. Hanoch Senderowtz group, Bar Ilan University, Israel, postdoc fellow)

    Dr. Miriam Naqqash (Makhteshim Agan, Israel)

    Bareket Daniel (PhD student, Prof. Shlomo Sasson group, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

    Ilana Zaks (PROLOR BIOTECH, Nes-Ziona, Israel)

    Dr. Ella Meltzer-Mats (Cyclotron, Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel)

    Dr. Pinchas Zer Aviv (Azrieli College of Engineering, Jerusalem, Israel)

    Dr. Sagiv Weintraub (Shenkar College of Engineering, Ramat-Gan, Israel)








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