Prof. David Zitoun

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Prof. David Zitoun
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Academic carreer:

2009 - present: Senior lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Bar Ilan University

2004 - 2009:      Senior lecturer, Universite Montpellier II, France


1995 - 1999: M.Sc., Physical Chemistry Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon, France
2000 - 2003: Ph.D., Coordination Chemistry Universite Toulouse III, France
2003 - 2004: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Inorganic chemistry, Nanowire Research Laboratory, Department of chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, California, U.S.A. (Professor Peidong Yang).



List of David Zitoun’s publications





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  1. Nouveaux matériaux contenant des éléments du groupe 14

D. Zitoun, C. Belin, M. Tillard, L. Lacroix-Orio Patent FR07/01282


  1. Nouveaux matériaux contenant des éléments du groupe 14

D. Zitoun, C. Belin, M. Tillard, L. Lacroix-Orio, M. Pelosi Patent FR08/03601


  1. Novel Materials Including Elements of group 14

D. Zitoun, C. Belin, M. Tillard, L. Lacroix-Orio, M. Pelosi Patent WO 2008/122711


  1. Procédé de synthèse d'aluminates de métaux alcalino-terreux

J.S. Filhol, D. Zitoun, A. Manteghetti Patent FR2922545





Bottom-up approach of nano-devices

The aim of the laboratory is to elaborate metallic and magnetic nano-components for batteries, fuel cells, sensors and biomedical applications. The laboratory works on the integration of these nano-building blocks on silicon, one of the most well known and yet most promising material for energy conversion (solar cells) and energy storage (lithium-ion batteries).

Dr Zitoun's lab develops an alternative route to elaborate thin films using wet chemistry deposition. Two major routes are explored; the first one consists in the colloidal synthesis of nanospheres and nanowires which are spread on the substrate by wet coating. In a second approach, the molecular precursor is directly targeted to the substrate and reacts in situ. The lab synthesizes reactive organometallic complexes and studies the thermolysis, photolysis and chemical reduction of these complexes. Dr. Zitoun brings a major achievement with the use of designed reactive organometallic precursors that could be decomposed to form metallic coatings down to room temperature. This approach allows direct synthesis on the desired substrate (metallic, plastic...) with the use of standard coating equipment and/or state of the art research equipment, like Atomic Layer Deposition.

Particular research areas (projects):



3._Energy storage_

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David Zitoun, PhD, faculty
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