Prof. Hanoch Senderowitz

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    I completed my Ph.D. studies in computational organic chemistry with Professor Benzion Fuchs at Tel Aviv University in 1993.  My main research subjects were in the field of steric and stereoelectronic effects, their mutual interplay and their influence on structure and reactivity in organic compounds.  Between 1993 and 1997, I was a Post Doctorate Fulbright Fellow with Professor Clark Still in the MacroModel development team at Columbia University where my research focused on the development of a new smart Monte Carlo algorithm to accelerate convergence on multi-minima potential energy surfaces, on the integration of this method with Molecular Dynamics into a combined MC/MD simulation algorithm and on the development and QM-based parameterized of carbohydrate force fields.      

    In 1997, I returned to Israel and joined the pharmaceutical industry first at Peptor Ltd., where I worked on theoretical and modeling aspects related to the development of peptide-based drugs and latter at EPIX Pharmaceutical, a drug discovery company focused on the development of drugs targeting GPCRs and ion channels, where I headed the computational development group and worked on the development of improved tools for modeling the 3D structure of trans-membrane proteins, new QSAR methodologies, new Consensus Scoring algorithms and new methodologies to predict ADME/t properties of potential drugs.

    Since 2009 I am an associate professor at the Department of Chemistry at Bar-Ilan University where I head the laboratory of molecular modeling, computer aided drug design and chemo-informatics.



    My current research involves modeling the structure and mode of action of pharmaceutically relevant bio-targets, studying the factors governing the interactions between such targets and their potential ligands and predicting the pharmacological profile of drug candidates, all in order to develop better drugs. Research conducted in my lab is interdisciplinary, at the interface between chemistry, biology and computer sciences, and is done in close collaboration with experimentalists. Current projects in my lab involve the development of optimization methods for drug design and the development of new therapies for Cystic Fibrosis, cardiac arrhythmia, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, calcification-related diseases and coagulation-related pathologies.

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