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Chemistry-major – this program includes most of the courses of the expanded track in Chemistry, in parallel to courses within the framework of a minor study track in another department. This track trains students to conduct research in Chemistry. One can continue from this track on to Master's degree studies in Chemistry.


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Study program 2014-2015 (תשע"ה) -

 שנה א'שנה ב'שנה ג'


Study program 2015-2016 (תשע"ו) -

 שנה א'שנה ב'שנה ג'


Study program 2016-2017 (תשע"ז) -

 שנה א'שנה ב'שנה ג'


Study program 2017-2018 (תשע"ח) -

שנה א'שנה ב'שנה ג'


Study program 2019-2020 (תש"ף) -

 שנים א', ב' וג'

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