Prof. Arie Zaban

BINA Nanocenter - Head
Prof. Arie Zaban
Guiding the research students: 






Postdoctorate in photophysics and photoelectrochemistry, National Renewable

Energy Laboratory (NREL).

A research on dye sensitized solar cells and organic semiconductors.

(Supervisors: Dr. A. J. Nozik and Dr. B. A. Gregg).



Ph.D. in Electrochemistry, Bar-Ilan University Israel,

Thesis: "Impedance spectroscopy of active metals in polar aprotic solutions".



B.Sc. in Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University Israel,





2015 The Israel Chemical Society Research Excellence Prize
2011 The Israeli Vacuum Society (IVS) Research Excellence Prize


Michael Landau Research Prize in Renewable Energy


The Israel Chemical Society Prize for Outstanding Young Scientist.


Mifal Hapayis Found: Michael Landau Excellent PhD Prize.





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Sustainable  energy, Chemistry


·         Solar energy.

·         Combinatorial Materials Science for Next Generation Photovoltaics.

·         Nanoporous wide band-gap semiconductor electrodes, single material and core-shell  systems.

·         Nanosize wide band-gap semiconductors with controlled properties via surface control.

·         Low cost spectral splitting for multi-bandgap photovoltaics.

·         Interdigitated organic/inorganic nanosize layers towards the development of low cost “plastic” solar cells and smart polymers.

·          Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC).