Prof. Avigdor Persky

Reception Hours

Ph.D. (Summa cum Laude), Weizmann Institute of Science

(supervisor: Prof, F.S. Klein):



Post-Doctoral Studies (Fulbright-Hays Research Scholar

Fellowship), California Institute of Technology

(with Prof. A. Kuppernann):



1966 – 1969

Senior Scientist, The Weizmann Institute of Science:

1970 – 1974

Associate Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Chemistry Department:

1974 – 1988

Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University:

1979 - 1982

Professor, Bar-Ilan University, Chemistry Department:

1988 – 2005

Research Collaborator, Brookhaven National Laboratory:

1992 – 1993

Professor Emeritus, Bar-Ilan University:



Molecular reaction dynamics: experiment and theory.

Experimental kinetic studies of atom-molecule reactions, in the gas phase, over wide temperature ranges.

Theoretical molecular dynamics studies of atom-molecule reactions, mainly by the quasi-classical trajectories method.

The theoretical studies include, in addition to the determination of rate constants, also extensive studies of the effects of reactants vibrational and rotational excitation, steric requirements, isotopic substitution and features of the potential energy surface on the dynamics.

The research involves experimental and theoretical studies of reactions, which are of fundamental importance for the development of molecular reaction dynamics theory, or are of practical interest.

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