KAMEA Associate Professor

Prof. Anatoly Belostotskii

KAMEA Associate Professor

    Biographical sketch


    Born and grew up in Moscow, Anatoly Belostotskii entered the Moscow University, the most prestigious education institution of former USSR, in 1973, where he received an M. Sc. (chemistry; specialization in the chemistry of natural compounds) in 1978. He received his Ph. D. (organic chemistry) at the Institute of Organoelemental Compounds of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, in Academician Ivan L. Knunjanz's Research Laboratory (chemistry of fluoroorganic compounds), being a Research Scientist in an independent research itinerary and dealing with synthesis and conformational analysis of sterically overcrowded piperidines. By this time his research experience already included synthetic studies at the Institute for Pharmacology of the USSR Health Academy, Moscow (Research Scientist) as well as genetic engineering studies at the Research Institute for Viral Preparations, Moscow (Research Sceintist).


    After his arrival in Israel in 1991, Dr. Belostotskii joined the Chemistry Department, Bar-Ilan University, first as a postdoctoral Fellow (1992-93) and Research Scientist (1994) at Prof. Hassner's group. Since then, Anatoly Belostotskii continues his independent research, being selected for the governmental Giladi and KAMEA Fellowships, as a Senior Research Scientist (since 1995) and Associate Professor (since 2002), in the Chemistry Department at Bar-Ilan University.


    Structure, synthesis and drug-oriented design of small biomolecules are in the scope of my research. In structural studies, computational chemistry is main methodology, and my focus there has shifted from modeling of conformational dynamics to conformational analysis by means of a new (for synthetic chemists) tool in structure determination – QM-calculated chemical shifts. In synthetic studies, my main targets are DNA components, and my chemistry includes rational modifications of nucleoside structure in order to “equip” new nucleoside derivatives with a potent antiretroviral or anticancer activity. The goal chemical structures are prompted by my original design concepts; examples of the latter are agent-induced post-transriptional disruption of the nucleic acid chain and carbohydrate-mediated cryodeprotection. 


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    Reviews (מוזמן):

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    Monograph (מוזמן):

    A. M. Belostotskii Conformational Concept For Synthetic Chemists' Use”; World Scientific Publishers, Singapure (expected appearance – 2012).




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