Head of the solid state NMR unit

Dr. Keren Keinan-Adamsky

Head of the solid state NMR unit
Bldg. 211, Room 005


    Dr. Keren Keinan-Adamsky is the head of the NMR Unit.


    2009-2016    Bar Ilan University, Head of the solid state NMR Unit.


    2007-2008    Tel Aviv University, Post-doc.


    2000-2006    Tel Aviv University, Ph.D in Chemistry (direct path). Thesis subject:

    Studies of Articular Cartilage using Multiple Quantum Filtered NMR and MRI.

    Supervisor: Prof. Gil Navon


    1996-1999    Tel  Aviv  University, B.Sc in Chemistry, magna cumm laude.

    Honors: Dean Awards (1998/1999)



    List of publications


    1. A new method for suppressing the 23Na central transition in ordered biological tissues. U. Eliav, K. Keinan-Adamsky and G. Navon.. J. Magn. Reson., 136, 276-281, 2003.

    2. The effect of detachment of the articular cartilage from its calcified zone on the cartilage microstructure, assessed by 2H-spectroscopic double quantum filtered MRI K. Keinan-Adamsky, H. Shinar and G. Navon. . J. Ortho. Res., 23, 109-117, 2005.

    3. The effect of decalcification on the microstructure of articular cartilage assessed by 2H double quantum filtered MRI. K. Keinan-Adamsky, H. Shinar and G. Navon.. MAGMA., 18, 231-237, 2005.

    4. A Multinuclear NMR Study of the Maturation of Pig Articular Cartilage.  K. Keinan-Adamsky, H. Shinar and G. Navon.. MRM., 55, 532-540, 2006.

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    6. Monitoring of the effect of intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus ablation by MRI. G. Saar , Yoram Zilberman , H.  Shinar , K. Keinan-Adamsky, G. Pelled, D. Gazit, and G. Navon. NMR Biomed, 23: 554–562, 2009.

    7. 23Na and 2H magnetic resonance studies of osteoarthritic and osteoporotic. K. Keinan-Adamsky, H. Shinar, S. Shabat, Y. S. Brin, M. Nyska, G. Navon. articular cartilage. MRM., 64, 653–661, 2010.

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    12. Elucidating the role of stable carbon radicals in the low temperature oxidation of coals by coupled EPR–NMR spectroscopy – a method to characterize surfaces of porous carbon materials. U. Green, K. Keinan-Adamsky, S.  Attia, Z. Aizenshtat, G. Goobes, S. Ruthstein, and H. Cohen., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,  16, 9364—9370, 2014.

    13. Dynamic Behavior of Supramolecular Comb Polymers Consisting of Poly(2-Vinyl Pyridine) and Palladium-Pincer Surfactants in the Solid State. Inbal. Davidi, D. Hermida-Merino, K. Keinan-Adamsky, G. Portale, G. Goobes, and R. Shenhar. Chem. Eur. J. 20, 6951 – 6959, 2014

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    15. Changes to the Disordered Phase and Apatite Crystallite Morphology during Mineralization by an Acidic Mineral Binding Peptide from Osteonectin. T. Iline-Vul, I. Matlahov, J. Grinblat, K. Keinan-Adamsky, and G. Goobes. Biomacromolecules 16, 2656−2663, 2015.

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    17. The Uptake and Assembly of Alkanes within a Porous Nanocapsule in Water: New Information about Hydrophobic Confinement. S. Kopilevich, H. Gottlieb, K. Keinan-Adamsky, A. Müller, I. A. Weinstock. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 55, 4476 –4481, 2016.

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