Study program - 84101

This program imparts extensive knowledge in all branches of Chemistry, as well as essential knowledge in Mathematics, Physics and Computers, during the first two years of studies. In the third year, the students participate in specialization courses of their choice in the following areas: Applied Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry. This track fully prepares students for Master's degree studies and research studies, both in Theoretical Chemistry and Experimental Chemistry.


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- (תשע"הStudy program 2014-2015

 שנה א', שנה ב', שנה ג'


(תשע"ו) Study program 2015-2016

 שנה א', שנה ב', שנה ג'שנה ג' (המשך)


(תשע"ז) Study program 2016-2017

  שנה א', שנה ב', שנה ג'


 - (תשע"ח) Study program 2017-2018

שנה א', שנה ב', שנה ג'שנה ג' (המשך)


 - (תשע"ח) Study program 2019-2020

 שנים א', ב' וג'