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The Chemistry Library serves undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and research staff of the Chemistry Department and the Institute for Nanotechnology. It also offers service to undergraduate students of biology, biotechnology and biophysics.



The Library is Reopening !

The library is open to the public with limited access in accordance with the Purple Badge standards but require making an appointment in advance


Please note the following guidelines:

1. Regulations for entering and using the libraries

  • Entry to the libraries is for the Bar-Ilan Community only (staff and students).
  • When entering the campus a declaration form must be filled.
  • You must schedule an appointment in the online registration system. Show the email confirmation of your appointment and your ID at the entrance to the library, read the form explaining the guidelines for using the library and sign that you agree to the terms.
  • You must disinfect your hands before entering and wear a mask in the library at all times.
  • Sitting is permitted only in the places specifically marked for seating. Librarians will direct you to available seating. Seating is individual and sitting in groups is not allowed.
  • Any book removed from the shelves should be left on the table after use. The books will be collected and isolated for three days.
  • You may use computer, photocopy machine or personal laptops.
  • Please keep the 2-meter distance from each other and the reference desks.
  • Various areas of the library are closed to the public. If a reader needs items from one of these areas, contact a librarian.
  • Eating anywhere in the library is strictly forbidden. 


    2. Return of Books Borrowed books have been extended until June 6 2020 and they will continue to have automatic extensions until the end of the Corona crisis. Although, requested books are not automatically extended, the system may automatically send repeated warnings.

    Please note that you can return books to the campus by placing the books in boxes available at the entrance to the library. The books will be isolated and disinfected prior to the actual return.


    Library Location:

    Chemistry Building 211, Room 103.


    Library Hours:

    Sun-Thu: 9 a.m.-3.45 p.m.

    Fri - closed.      

    * After closing hours, books may be returned to the designated box near the entrance of the library.


    Phone:The Chemistry Library



    Fax: 0773643673


    Library staff:

    Library Director: David Gordon


    Ph.: 03-5318308 

    Ph.: 03-5317664

    Librarian: Ms. Petrov Irina


    Ph.: 03-7384053

    Ph.: 03-5318962


    The library collection:

    The library has a rich collection of printed chemistry scientific monographs, chemistry textbooks for students and faculty, a collection of the Chemistry Department theses (PhD and MSc), a collection of electronic databases, printed and electronic journals, and also a collection of printed magazines such as Nature (years 1956-2002) and Science (years 1947-2003).

    The printed collection of the library consists of two main parts: the first part includes open shelves of monographs, textbooks, scientific journals, PhD and Masters Theses. The second part contains highly requested monographs and textbooks which can be accessed through the library staff.


    Library and external items can be found via the online catalog (PRIMO), electronic resources (books, academic articles, review articles, scientific conference reports, research reports and more) via EDS and electronic databases.

    For more information (in Hebrew).


    Library facilities:

    The library contains a large collection of textbooks, journals and theses in all fields of chemistry. There are desks for individual study as well as a study room for students of the department. The library maintains several computers which can be accessed exclusively by Chemistry Department students.


    Library etiquette:

    • Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited
    • Readers are requested to keep quiet
    • Please turn off your cell phones

    Group study is allowed only in the room designated for this purpose.

    Last Updated Date : 08/02/2021