Dr. Ilana Perelshtein

Bldg. 211, Room 013
Research Categories


    2009-Present        BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY, Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials           Ramat-Gan, Israel

    Postdoctoral Fellow in Electronic Microscopy


    2005-2009            BAR-ILAN  UNIVERSITY  Ramat-Gan, Israel

    Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Specialized in Nanotechnology and Materials Science

    • Developed a one-step process for synthesis of antibacterial nanoparticles and their subsequent coating on surfaces as part of my thesis work supervised by Prof. A. Gedanken; technique was proven the most effective relative to existing techniques worldwide; method is registered as a full patent in US and Europe (see appx. C.1)
    • Awarded prizes for publications in the field of Nanotechnology


    2003-2005            BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY  Ramat-Gan, Israel

    Master of Science in Physical Chemistry

    • Thesis grade:94


    2000-2003            BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY  Ramat-Gan, Israel

    Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


    2003-Present        BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY, Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials           Ramat-Gan, Israel

    Research Assistant (2009-Present)

    • Conducted an applicable research in the field of antibacterial and antibiofilm nanoparticles, and was the first to succeed in up-scaling a sonochemical method for production of antibacterial textiles;.
    • Developed a novel mixed metal oxide compound introducing a synergetic effect 105-fold higher than pure

           metal oxides in killing microorganisms; applied for a PCT patent (see appx. C.2)

    • Participated in writing scientific grants while considering budget aspects;
    • Composed scientific reports
    • Published more than 35 research papers in peer-reviewed journals (see appx. A);
    • Wrote ten book chapters/reviews in the field of Nanotechnology (see appx. B)

    Project Manager, SONO (FP7) – a €8M European Project (2009-2013)

    • Conducted an applicable research for up-scaling a lab-scale process; registered a patent (see appx. C.1) based on which two pilot machines for coating textiles have been developed and manufactured
    • Coordinated 17 research groups across Europe, experiencing large-scale operations in a cross-functional and multi-cultural environment
    • Supervised research and financials of all 17 project partners; all milestones met both schedule and high-standard quality bars
    • Composed annual scientific reports for EC (European Committee)
    • Presented research progress during quarterly international project meetings

    HRTEM (High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope) Operator (2006-Present)

    • Selected out of the entire department to learn and operate this instrument;
    • Participated in advanced EDS course in UK in 2012;
    • Scientific collaboration with scientists in BINA and abroad;
    • Technical support of the instrument;
    • Training of students in the operation of the device; 

    Researcher, LIDWINE (FP7) – (2007-2010)

    • Led research at BIU while tightly collaborating with 5 research groups across Europe

    Teaching Assistant (2003-2009)

    • Tutoring of undergraduate students the 'General Chemistry for Biologists' class (2007-2009)
    • Tutoring of undergraduate students the 'Laboratory of Physical Chemistry' class (2003-2007)


    • Wrote the 'Introduction to Nanotechnology' course for the Open University (2014)
    • Lead guest editor of special issue for Journal of Nanomaterials (2012)
    • Full military service in IDF;
    • Languages: native Hebrew; native Russian; fluent English

    List of publications

    1. I. Perelshtein, N. Perkas, Sh. Magdassi, T. Zioni, M. Royz, Z. Maor, A. Gedanken. Ultrasound-assisted dispersion of SrFe12O19 nanoparticles in organic solvents and the use of the dispersion as magnetic cosmetics. J. Nanopart. research 2008, 10, 191.

    2. I. Perelshtein, G. Applerot, N. Perkas, G. Guibert, S. Mikhailov, and A.Gedanken. Sonochemical coating of silver nanoparticles on textile fabrics (nylon, polyester and cotton) and their antibacterial activity. Nanotechnology 2008, 19, 245705.

    3. I. Grigoriants, B. Markovsky, R. Persky, I. Perelshtein, A. Gedanken, D. Aurbach,  B. Filanovsky, T.Bourenko, I. Felner. Electrochemical reduction of trinitrotoluene on core–shell tin–carbon electrodes. Elect. Acta 200854 ( 2), 690.

    4. S. Bhattacharyya, I. Perelshtein, O. Moshe, D. Rich, A. Gedanken. One-step solvent-free synthesis and characterization of Zn1-xMnxSe@C nanorods and nanowires Adv. Fun. Mat. 2008, 18 (11), 1641.

    5. R.K. Selvan, I. Genish, I. Perelshtein, JMC Moreno,  A.Gedanken. Single step, low-temperature synthesis of submicron-sized rare earth hexaborides. J. of Phys. Chem. C  2008, 112 (6), 1795.  

     6. R.K. Selvan, I. Perelshtein, N. Perkas, A.Gedanken. Synthesis of hexagonal-shaped SnO2 nanocrystals and SnO2@C nanocomposites for electrochemical redox supercapacitors J. of Phys. Chem. C 2008, 112 (6), 1825.

    7. R. Ganesan, I. Perelshtein, A. Gedanken. Biotemplated synthesis of single-crystalline W18O49@C core-shell nanorod and its capacitance properties J. of Phys. Chem. C  2008, 112 (6), 1913. 

     8. I. Perelshtein, G. Applerot, N. Perkas, E. Wehrschuetz-Sigl, A. Hasmann, G. M. Guebitz, A. Gedanken. Antibacterial Properties of an In-situ Generated and Simultaneously Deposited Nanocrystalline ZnO on Fabrics. ACS Applied Materials & Intefaces 2009, 1 (2), 361.

    9. I. Perelshtein, G.Applerot, N. Perkas, E. Wehrschuetz-Sigl, A. Hasmann, G. Guebitz, A.Gedanken. CuO-cotton Nanocomposite: Formation, Morphology, and Antibacterial Activity. Surface & Coatings Technology   2009, 204, 54.

    10. O. Abramov, A. Gedanken, Y. Koltypin, N. Perkas, I. Perelshtein, E. Joyce, T. J. Mason. Pilot Scale Sonochemical Coating of Nanoparticles onto Textiles to Produce Biocidal Fabrics. Surface & Coatings 2009, 204(5), 718.

    11. I. Perelshtein, G.Applerot, N. Perkas, E. Wehrschuetz-Sigl, A. Hasmann, G. Guebitz, A. Gedanken. Ultrasound As A "Throwing Stones" Technique For Production Of Antibacterial Nanocomposite Textile. ACS Applied Materials&Interfaces 2010, 2(7), 1999.

    12. T. Zioni1, N. Perkas, Y.Wolfus, Y. Soroka, I. Popov, M. Oron, I. Perelshtein, Y. Bruckental, F. M. Bre´ge´ge`re5, Z. Ma’or1, A. Gedanken, Y. Yeshurun, R. Neuman and Y. Milner. Strontium hexaferrite nanomagnets suspended in a cosmetic preparation: a convenient tool to evaluate the biological effects of surface magnetism on human skin Skin Research and Technology 2010, 16, 316.


    13. E. Holodelshikov, I. Perelshtein, A.Gedanken. Synthesis of Air Stable FeCo/C Alloy Nanoparticles by Decomposing a Mixture of the Corresponding Metal-Acetyl Acetonates under Their Autogenic Pressure Inorganic Chemistry  2011, 50(4), 1288.

    14. A.Gedanken, N. Perkas, I. Perelshtein, G. Applerot, A. Lipovsky, Y. Nitzan, R. Lubart. Preparation of Antimicrobial Textiles Using a Sonochemical Method. Recent Patents on Biomedical Engineering 2011, 4(1), 1.

    15. B.Senthilkumar, R. Kalai Selvan,  P. Inothbabu, I. Perelshtein, A. Gedanken. Structural, magnetic, electrical and electrochemical properties of NiFe2O4 synthesized by the molten salt technique Materials Chemistry and Physics 2011, 130(1-2), 285.

    16. I. Perelshtein, G. Applerot, N. Perkas, J. Grinblat, A. Gedanken .A One-Step Process for the Antimicrobial Finishing of Textiles with Crystalline TiO2 Nanoparticles. Chemistry - A European Journal 2012, 18 (15), 4575.

    17. I. Perelshtein, Y. Ruderman, N. Perkas, K. Traeger, T. Tzanov, J. Beddow, E. Joyce, T. J. Mason, M. Blanes, K.Molla, A. Gedanken. Enzymatic pre-treatment as a means of enhancing the antibacterial activity and stability of ZnO nanoparticles sonochemically coated on cotton fabrics. J. of  Mater. Chem. 2012, 22(21), 10736. – Advanced Article.

    18. E. Butovsky, I. Perelshtein, A. Gedanken. Air Stable Core-Shell Multilayer Metallic Nanoparticles Synthesized by RAPET: Fabrication, Characterization and their Suggested Applications. J. Mater. Chem., 2012, 22(30), 15025.

    19. U. Shimanovich, I. Perelshtein, A. Cavaco-Paulo, A. Gedanken. Releasing dye encapsulated in proteinaceous microspheres on conductive fabrics by electric current  ACS Applied Materials&Interfaces 2012, 4(6), 2926.

    20. V.D. Nithya, R. J. Immanuel, S.T. Senthilkumar, C. Sanjeeviraja, I. Perelshtein, D. Zitoun, R. K. Selvan. Studies on the structural, electrical and magnetic properties of LaCrO3, LaCr0.5Cu0.5O3 and LaCr0.5Fe0.5O3 by sol–gel method. Materials Research Bulletin 2012, 47, 1861.

    21. I. Perelshtein, Y. Ruderman, N. Perkas, J. Beddow, G. Singh, M. Vinatoru, E.Joyce, T.J. Mason, M. Blanes, K.Mollá, A. Gedanken. The Sonochemical Coating of Cotton Withstands 65 Washing Cycles at Hospital Washing Standards and Retains its Antibacterial Properties. Cellulose, 2013, 20(3), 1215.

    22. I. Perelshtein, Y. Ruderman, N. Perkas, T. Tzanov, J. Beddow, E.Joyce, T.J. Mason, M. Blanes, K.Mollá, A. Patlolla, A. I. Frenkel, A. Gedanken. Chitosan and Chitosan-Zn-based complex Nanoparticles: Formation, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity. J. Mater. Chem. B, 2013, 1, 1968.

    23. E. Malka, I. Perelshtein, A. Lipovsky, N. Perkas, T. Patick, R. Lubart, Y. Nitzan, A. Gedanken. Eradication of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria by a Novel Zn-doped CuO Nanocomposite Small, 2013, 9(23), 4069.

    24. A. Gedanken, V. Popov, Ean-Hin Ooi, T. J. Mason, E. M. Joyce, J. Beddow, I. Perelshtein, V. Bayazitov. A sonochemical technology for coating of textiles with antibacterial nanoparticles and equipment for its implementation. Materials Letters 2013, 96, 121.


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    33. I. Perelshtein, A. Lipovsky,  N. Perkas, A. Gedanken, E. Moschini, P. Mantecca The Influence of the Crystalline Nature of Metal Oxides on Their Antibacterial and Toxicity Properties 2015 Nano Research 8(2), 695-707.

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     Appendix B - Book Chapters and Reviewes:

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     Perelshtein I., Perkas N., Applerot G. – In a National Phase  61/129, 472; 30.06.2008.


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