The 2018 Samson Prime Minister's Prize for innovation in alternative energy and smart mobility for transportation

Prof. Doron Aurbach wins the 2017 Allen J. Bard award in electrochemical sciences for developing high energy density lithium ion batteries, super capacitors and novel electro-analytical and spectro-electrochemical methods for sensitive electrochemical system.

The Bard award is the highest distinguished award in electrochemical sciences.


From the Allen Bard selection committee: “The recipient will be distinguished for paradigm shifting contributions in the fields of electrochemical science and recognized for exceptionally creative experimental or theoretical studies that have opened new directions in electroanalytical chemistry or electrocatalysis”

Doron Aurbach is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Bar-Ilan Univerity in Israel, where he founded and currently leads the Electrochemistry Group. Under his supervision, 50 Ph.D. and 70 M.Sc. students received their degrees.

Aurbach’s team researches the electrochemistry of active metals, non-aqueous electrochemical systems, electrochemical intercalation processes, electrochemical water desalination, and electronically conducting polymers. Additionally, they develop rechargeable high energy density batteries and supercapacitors, as well as novel electro-analytical and spectro-electrochemical methods for sensitive electrochemical systems.

Aurbach has published more than 540 peer-reviewed papers, which have received more than 37,000 citations. He serves as a technical editor for the Journal of The Electrochemical Society and has been named fellow by ECS (2008), ISE (2010), and MRS (2012). He is the head of the Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion.

Last Updated Date : 17/05/2020