Prof. Shmaryahu Hoz



    B.Sc. in chemistry and physics and M.Sc. in chemistry from the Hebrew University. Ph.D. in chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Z. Rappoport from the Hebrew University and Prof. M. Albeck from Bar Ilan University. Post doctoral studies at the University of California SC with Prof. J. Bunnett.

    Joined the chemistry at Bar Ilan University in 1975. Major research area – physical organic chemistry.

    Served as the head of the Department of Chemistry and subsequently as the Vice President for Research of the University. Currently serves as  senior advisor to the university president and the head of the Responsa Project.



    Physical organic chemistry and computational nanotechnology


    1. Reactions of SmI2

    2. Computational nanotechnology

    3. Chemical effects of electric fields

    Last Updated Date : 08/03/2023