Prof. Michael Albeck

Bldg. 211, Room 111.

    Born: 1934



    1959: MSc, Chemistry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

    1962: PhD, Chemistry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem


    1962-1964: Principal Investigator, The Institute for Fiber and Forest Products, Jerusalem

    1964-1965: Head of the chemical laboratories, Mekorot Water Company

    1965-2003: faculty member (full Prof. Since 1978), Department of Chemistry, Bar Ilan University

    2003-        : Professor Emeritus, Bar Ilan University

    Academic and scientific activities:

    At Bar Ilan

    1967-1969: Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences

    1972-1975: Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences

    1982-1999: member, Board of Governors and Board of Trustees

    1982-1986: Rector of the university

    1986-1989: President of the university

    Outside Bar Ilan

    member of the boards: The Weizmann Scientific Press, Dead Sea Works, The German-Israel Binational Foundation (GIF), Teva Pharmaceuticals 

    President, The Israel Chemical Society.


    The chemistry, biological activity and therapeutic applications of organic and inorganic tellurium compounds.


    Synthesis of inorganic tellurium compounds such as AS-101 and SAS, and of organic tellurium compounds 

    Mechanisms of interaction of inorganic tellurium compounds with their environment and biological targets

    The immunomodulatory effects of AS-101 and SAS

    Therapeutic applications of AS-101 and SAS



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    10 שנים אחרונות:

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    Last Updated Date : 18/05/2022