B.Sc. Program

The Department of Chemistry offers six study tracks for students studying towards a Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.):

  • Chemistry – expanded.
  • Medicinal chemistry (as an expanded subject). This track is studied in the third year of studies.
  • Chemistry of materials (as an expanded subject). This track is studied in the third year of studies.
  • Biophysics (as an expanded subject in the interdisciplinary course of study in Life Sciences, Chemistry and Physics).
  • Chemistry – major.
  1. Admission Requirements for Bachelor's Degree Studies
    1. Matriculation certificate. Priority will be given to applicants with good matriculation grades in Mathematics and Chemistry or Mathematics and Physics (at least 4 study units in each subject).
    2. Psychometric test.

Applicants for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials that meet the above admission requirements will be accepted to the Chemistry-expanded track, and their request for a specific course of study will be evaluated toward their third year of study, in view of their achievements in their first two years of study at the Department.

Students registering for Chemistry in the major track or for Biophysics, must meet the admission requirements of the participating departments.

Veteran students:

Students studying in the Faculties of Jewish Studies, Humanities and Social Science:

Admission requirements are same as for new applicants.

Students studying in the Faculties of Exact Science and Life Sciences: an average of at least 75 in the specialization courses at Bar-Ilan.


  • It is recommended that applicants to the Department take the screening exam in Mathematics of the National Center for Examinations and Evaluation in order to improve their chances of being accepted (for further details see the end of the booklet, in the chapter dealing with entrance and screening exams).
  • Final approval of studies at the Department is conditional on the presentation of a medical certificate confirming the student's fitness to study at the Department, including participation in laboratories.

Preparatory course ("Mechina") for new students

The Department conducts a concentrated preparatory program in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics approximately two months before the beginning of the academic year. The purpose of the course is to prepare graduates of Humanities courses of study and ensure they have attained the required level for studies in Chemistry. This course is also intended for graduates of courses of study in science, to enable them to refresh their knowledge in the subjects studied.

Special program for excelling students

The Department allows excelling students learning Chemistry as an expanded subject to include Master's degree studies in their third year, and complete them in their fourth year (subject to fulfillment of the admission requirements of the direct track to a Master's degree). Students accepted to this track will receive a loan scholarship in an amount equivalent to their tuition fee in their third year. The students will be awarded a B.Sc. degree upon successful completion of their third year.