About the Department

The Chemistry Department is currently in an unprecedented growth phase. The department has recruited several young researchers, branched into new research fields, and completed the building and staffing of the BINA nano-technology center.

The department  offers three undergraduate programs - a comprehensive chemistry track, medicinal chemistry and material chemistry.

In addition, the department offers graduate programs including an original dissertation in a wide variety of disciplines such as medicinal, theoretical and computational, biological, organic and inorganic, physical and polymer chemistry, as well as nano-chemistry, and solar and renewable energies.

Mission Statement of the Department

The Chemistry department is determined to strive for excellence in teaching, mentoring and scientific research. These areas are inter-dependent and each plays a vital role in our overall mission. Stated briefly, our mission is as follows:

We, the faculty, graduate students, and staff of the Chemistry Department, are committed to:

Offering high-level education in the field of chemistry both to provide the foundation needed for advanced studies and/or bring students to an appreciation of the basic principles of chemistry;

Providing the next generation of scientists with the necessary skills which will allow them to reach their full potential in academia and industry;

Promoting high quality research in all branches of the chemical sciences.