M.Sc. Program

The Department of Chemistry offers a study program that includes conducting research and submitting a written thesis.

The duration of the studies is 2 years.

Areas of specialization

  1. Physical chemistry.
  2. Organic chemistry.
  3. Inorganic chemistry.
  4. Theoretical chemistry.
  5. Physical-organic chemistry.
  6. Electrochemistry.
  7. Medicinal chemistry.
  8. The chemistry of materials.
  9. Bio-organic chemistry.
  10. Biophysics.
  11. Polymers.
  12. Nanotechnology.
  13. Computational chemistry.


Admission requirements

Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with a grade average of at least 85%.

Bachelor's degree in Biophysics with a grade average of at least 83%.

Graduates of other universities whose Bachelor's degree studies are not identical to the Department's program, holders of a Bachelor's degree from Bar-Ilan from previous years and holders of a Bachelor's degree from Bar-Ilan in a course of study other than the one they have chosen for their Master's degree studies will be required to study supplementary courses, to be determined on an individual basis.

All applicants in all courses of study are required to find a supervisor from among the department's faculty members before applying.

Acceptance to the department is conditional on the presentation of a medical certificate confirming fitness to study in the department, including participation in labs. The certificate is to be presented no later than on the registration day of the study program. Bar-Ilan students registering for Master's degree studies immediately after completing the Bachelor's degree are exempt from presenting such a certificate.

Course and seminar requirements

Regular program

16 hours#, as follows:

  • 8 hours – elective courses.
  • 4 hours – seminar in the area of specialization (2 hours each year).
  • 4  hours participation in the departmental colloquium in all the years of study.

#All hours refer to yearly hours.

Knowledge of languages

English for Master's degree.

(For details on screening exams, the level of courses to be determined and the exemption criteria for those entitled – see the Introduction chapter).

Students who studied a foreign language (English) as part of their obligations for their Bachelor's degree will be exempt from a foreign language for Master's degree.

Instructions for writing the thesis

See the regulations of the Master's Degree Committee in the Introduction chapter.

Final exam

The final exam will be based on the thesis and on the bibliography that served as the basis for the research.

Jewish studies

Based on the general requirements for Master's Degree (see the Introduction chapter).


The research proposal must be submitted by the end of the first year of study

and no later than at the end of the first semester of the second year