Works at bldg. 211 4th floor

Renewal works at the 4th floor in bldg. 211 will start on 26/5/2022.

The works will last for about 2 months and include full renovation of the lobby and full renovation of the west wing (Arie Gruzman and Sharon Rutshtein area).

The WCs will be closed. You are asked to use WC in other floors.

The access to the lobby+ west wing might be limited or even totally prohibited at specific days that will be informed to the head of the groups. (Gruzman, Albeck, Rutshtein, Frimer).

The east wing (Byk, Aurbach, Frimer, Lellouche) will be open at all times but eventually not from the lobby but from the emergency stairs).

Since the east wing is not included in the works it is highly recommended to those working in this wing to access from the 3rd floor using the emergency stairs of the wing. Only in case of need of course you may use the elevator to access the floor. Since the floor of the lobby will be removed, please check in advance if you can deliver materials needing transport on wheels you better consult me before.

The liquid nitrogen will be placed at the third floor for all the time of the works.

As for the autoclave, used for many people, some days the access of materials might be limited due to the limited access to trolleys.

Please inform all your personal working in the 4th floor to prevent misunderstandings.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Gerardo Byk

Coordinator of works at 4th floor bldg. 211

Works at bldg. 211 4th floor (PDF)

Last Updated Date : 12/05/2022