Seminar: Dynamics of Dienes: A Twist on Ring Formation


Wednesday 19/06/19, 11:00 am

Building 211, seminar room



Dr. Joshua Baraban

Senior Lecturer Dep. of Chemistry,

Ben-Gurion University



Dynamics of Dienes: A Twist on Ring Formation


          The three dimensional structures of molecules are often based on cyclic molecular motifs.  One of the most famous mechanisms for organic ring formation is the Diels-Alder reaction, where a dienophile and conjugated diene link together.  We recently detected the reactive conformer for the canonical Diels-Alder reaction, gauche 1,3-butadiene, by high resolution spectroscopy and determined its structure for the first time. [1-2] Notably, this was made possible only by a combination of cutting edge experimental and theoretical techniques. [3] Our studies reveal unusual quantum mechanical effects in the electronic and nuclear dynamics of these conjugated dienes, and have implications for many related ubiquitous compounds, such as isoprene. [4-5]

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