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    Education:  PhD Chemistry Univ of Nebraska (Cromwell);  Postdoctoral Harvard Univ (Fieser);

    Research and Teaching:  Univ of Colorado Boulder Prof. of Chemistry 1957-1975;  SUNY Binghamton Leading Professor 1975-1984; Bar-Ilan Univ Professor Chemistry 1984-;

    Visiting Prof:  Stanford U,  Weizmann Inst., U California  Berkeley, U California San Diego, U Maryland, U Wuerzburg, U Nijmegen, U Lyon, IIS Bangalore, U Tech Kyushu.

    Honors. Humboldt Fellow, NCI Fellow, Lady Davis Fellow, A.W. Killam Award,  I.C.S. Prize for Excellence, Fulbright Senior Award,  Fellow Royal Soc. Chemistry, Past President Israel Chem Society,  Editorial board of  4 journals.

    Invited lectures:  At universities and industrial laboratories (250).  Invited symposium or plenary lectures (44). Consultant to chemical, pharmaceutical companies.

    Publications:  Over 315 Scientific publications (see selected Publications).  Editor: Small Ring Heterocycles (3 volumes);  Advances in Asymmetric Syntheses (3 vols); Synthesis of Heterocycles via Cycloadditions" (2 vols);

    Books: Organic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions (1994, 2002, 2011) 

    Research: Stereoselective introduction of N-functions (nitro, azido, isocyanate, nitrile oxide); synthesis of heterocycles (aziridines, azetines, azepines, pyridines);  introduced concept of regioselectivity; developed the use of 4-dialkylamino pyridines (DMAP) as superacylation catalysts; regioselective 2+2  ketene–olefin cycloadditions;  stereoselective intramolecular (3+2) dipolar cycloadditions (silyl nitronates, nitrile oxides, oximes); Michael Induced Ring Closures (MIRC) in synthesis of functionalized and enantiomerically pure cyclopentanes and in asymmetric synthesis of heterocycles via Ring Closing Metathesis ; ring enlargement (free radical); synthesis of potential anticancer and antiviral agents.


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    Organic Chemistry, Stereochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Heterocyclic

    1. Cycloadditions

    2. New Synthetic Methods


    Selected Publications (out of over 315)


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