Dr. Yehudit Grinblat wins the 2015 Israel Vacuum Society Award for Technical Skills

The 2015 IVS Excellence Award for technical skills recognizes engineers and technicians for exceptional technical achievements in the field of vacuum science and technology.

Dr Grinblat received her PhD in physical-organic chemistry from Bar-Ilan University. Since 2002 she is the head of the HRTEM laboratory at Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials. In the course of her work she has used effectively and creatively microscopy techniques and developed problem solving ideas that have enhanced the use of the vast capabilities of the HRTEM. She has fulfilled an active role in various research projects at the university, and contributed in a most significant way to over 50 scientific articles; she is training students in the use of the microscope and its data interpretation and she is teaching the theoretical graduate TEM course at the Chemistry Department.